Post no. 2: This one’s about about our very 1st weekend in LA

It’s Sunday night as I type this in the living room of our temporary apartment (which, by the way, is really lovely – but more on that and the area we’re in another time).

As you may have guessed already, it’s been a weekend of many firsts:

  1. chilled at Malibu beach;Image
  2. bought gluten/soy/dairy-free sausages whose filling can be traced to its origin via the manufacturer’s website (random, I know! But I love knowing where my food comes from);Image
  3. drove on the ride side of the road (To my friends in Singapore: do you know we are amongst only ~25% of the world’s population who still drive on the left side of the road?? See here for facts and history:;
  4. tried alkaline O2 water that’s been “blessed”;
  5. stumbled upon a hair salon that practices a karma-based concept, i.e. “set your own price”;Image
  6. checked out Venice Beach – and amongst other things, witnessed a woman taking her pet Iguana for a walk;ImageImage
  7. Last but not least, we met made new friends as well as had chats with random strangers who gave us very warm welcomes to the City:
  • Alexia (Stylist extraordinaire who has worked with the likes of Pink, Robbie Williams and Rachel Weisz – check out and her man (thanks to Bastien)
  • Dwayne from Rudy’s Barbershop (a Barbershop concept chain with a personality – very cool. Check out
  • Zoe from Yogaworks
  • Fi from BeyondO2Water (more on this to come in a future post)
  • Martin from Trastevere who has awesome, beautifully turned out tattoos. He told us to look up his tattoo artist in Venice and mention that he sent us there. Methinks it’s time for another one… heehee!ImageImage
  • And finally, Kate, whom I met while waiting for to use the public washroom at Whole Foods, who is married to a Film Director who directed a movie we’ve never heard of but are now super keen to watch – Burzynski (it’s a documentary centred around a controversial form of cancer treatment). Did I also mention that Kate is currently Guy Ritchie’s chef? (Funny how we also met Madonna’s ex-nanny at a friend’s wedding back in Feb)

PHEW!!! Anyhoos, that’s just stuff from just one weekend – and excerpts only at that! I shudder to think about what other interesting stuff would come up next! Exxxciting!

Tomorrow is Mr Sweetheart’s first day at work. Friends, please say a silent prayer and wish him all the best – I know he’s gonna rock it but it’d be great to send lots of love, light and lotsa positive energy his way! : )

Later gator!

xx – Ms Wee

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. – Nido Qubein


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