Post no. 7: This one’s about what I’d do if I weren’t afraid of failing


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a lot of things. A cashier (because I love punching buttons), a pianist, a doctor, lawyer, singer, and then finally, an actress – in that order. In school, my favourite extra-curricular activity was Drama. During my teens and early 20s, I’d cherish every acting/hosting gig that came my way (there was even one time when I was signed on to a contract with the local tv station). Then, I made a different turn and pursued Advertising as a career. But even then, making a presentation, especially during a pitch to a roomful of strangers, somewhat scares, but mostly excites me.

Today, I watched life imitate art during the Jimmy Kimmel taping in Hollywood, as part of its live studio audience. While I didn’t exactly enjoy bring wrangled to laugh harder and clap louder than I normally do, I enjoyed everything else about it. The scripts, the set, lighting, cameras, the band, the energy!




Seeing Jimmy deliver his lines, chat with guests Ed Helms and Jewel made me wish I had my own show. Where I could dish out jokes, info and interesting content to anybody who’d appreciate it. Watching Jewel and 30 Seconds to Mars perform made me even more wistful. Yes, I love to entertain and perform. 😉

Guess that explains a lot about why I love being in advertising. It’s as close as I can get to creating, meeting new people and performing. Or is it? Hmm.. Will ponder on that.

So. What would YOU do if you weren’t afraid of failing? (Thank you @rhyanlotto for inspiring this theme)

P.S: photography wasn’t allowed during the taping of the indoor show hence no pix of Jimmy, Ed Helms and Jewel here. Sorry.

xxx – ms wee


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