Post no. 11: The is one’s about how I got rejected by a homeless guy

Sorry for the hiatus guys! I got carried away living life and spending time with mostly myself (my man, on the other hand, has been working his ass off- but he’s enjoying it all too!). I promise to share more often. 🙂

So, about me and this homeless guy.

Mr Sweetheart and I had finished lunch and we couldn’t finish the triple salad combo that we ordered (still not used to the food portions here in the US and have no intention of getting used to it ;P), so I thought it would be nice to pack it and share it with one of the many homeless people we see on the streets everyday. After all, it was a nutritious and yummy salad (look, i’m one of the last rabbit food type person on the planet. I would eat fried chicken everyday if I could, and wash it down with mashed potatoes. So if I think a salad is yummy, it IS yummy for sure.) And of course, that portion was untouched and therefore “clean”, not exactly leftover material.

So here’s what went down:

Middle-aged, slightly weatherbeaten man in brown pants, white tee and an unbuttoned checkered blue shirt, holding a tied-up plastic bag walks past. I went up to him.

Me: (polite and friendly tone) “Hi! Would you like a salad?”

I hand out the fresh, crisp, brown paperbag to him.

Homeless guy: (still walking but pauses midway, and looks at me and then at the paperbag) “No thanks.” And then walks away.

Cue: failure trombone sound effect and me left standing there with outstretched arm still holding the paperbag

I look at Mr Sweetheart. He looks at me. We keep walking. And then he starts laughing at me.

I guess Mr Homeless may not have a place to live but when it comes to his diet, even he doesn’t do salads. Next time, I’ll try handing out fried chicken instead. :/


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“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success” – Bo Bennett



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