Post no. 14: This one’s about J Lo and J Wee

So, J Lo and I were spotted shoe-shopping together at the Fred Segal store on Melrose… what can I say? Those paps just won’t leave me alone. Yeah right. =P

Anyhoos, because meeting her was such a delightful episode, I’ve decided that this post shall be a little FAQ about it. Thanks to my friends on facebook who first saw the photo, I’ve got all the questions I need that will satisfy every curious mind out there.


Q. She looks really tiny! (Subtext: Is she really THAT pint-sized or did you put on weight in LA?)

A. Guys, she’s REALLY tiny. Maybe she lost weight recently since she’s supposed to be on a tour and all that, but seriously, I have NOT GROWN HUGE. I drink cold pressed juice, do roga (run+yoga. haha! I knowwwww) and eat Kale sometimes!! (Hahaha, defensive much?)


Q. Is her derriere* huge?

A. Nope it isn’t. She was wearing itty bitty white shorts but no part of her protuded incessantly. Which brings me to conclude that what they say about cameras and extra pounds is definitely true. So note to self, never eat a Quarter Pounder in front of a camera. 

*I took the liberty of replacing the B word that most of my not-so-classy friends used. LOL. You know who you are. 🙂


Q. Was she surrounded by bodyguards?

A. Nope. She was just like any normal person shopping in a store, with her bf.


Q. Does her bf look very young?

A. Well, let’s just say he looks baby-faced. But on that subject, she looked fantastic! She looked natural, healthy and she glo-ed. Sorry, couldn’t help myself with that bad pun.


Q. Why does she need to shop? Doesn’t she just have shoes shipped to her and paraded before her? Or get an Assistant to pick up what she wants?

A. Dude. I’m seriously not her BFF, so how would I know? But if I could hazard a guess, Celebs are normal people too. They brush their teeth, they take a dump, so who doesn’t mind a spot of shopping?


Q. Was she nice?

A. I’m glad you asked. Ok fine, nobody asked that question since everyone’s more interested in J Lo’s looks so I decided to add this in myself. She’s AWESOME – in my books. Yes, It may only have been like only 2 mins but you know when you just KNOW? Yup, that feeling. I mean, think about it. You are famous and everyone wants a piece of you. You are currently touring with a hectic schedule, and paparazzis hot on your heels is like white (or brown) on rice. A few weeks ago while filming a music video, a bomb scare or something threatens your set. You find a rare moment on a Sunday afternoon to go out with the BF to buy some shoes (which in itself is like striking gold – I know many girls who would feel that way just to have their men agree to go shopping with them), and then you have this stranger next to you smiling loopily at you while you are posing in front of the mirror checking out how those heels make your super toned and sculpted legs look even sexier. This stranger is in a dress with neon UNICORNS. And she has a bright neon bag strapped across her chest.

And the Stranger squeaks out, “Excuse me, I saw you perform in Singapore a few months ago”

J Lo: (pauses. then flashes a huge, warm grim, and extends her hand for a handshake) “Thank you!”

It was a genuine, firm handshake. Warm. Not a limp hand/air “brush” that one would expect from people who are used to being treated like royalty.

And when I asked if I could take a photo with her, she was all game, and found a seat to do it.

While I thanked her, she again reached out her hand, gave my hand a warm squeeze and thanked me again. It was like she was thanking me for my support. 

It’s one thing to hear Celebs say in interviews that they are grateful for their fans and all that diplomatic speak. But when you actually feel it for yourself, yeah, it’s kinda cool. Methinks it’s time to rewatch that Maid in Manhattan DVD.

Ok, one last Question.

Q. So, what shoes did you buy?

A. Nothing actually. We were in the Fred Segal store that day just to use the restroom. SCORE!


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